Friday, July 6, 2012

The Girls, a Raw Food Update, and Recent Adventures.

Hello all!

I have been extra busy with school and graduating and starting new jobs. The girls have also been busy and enjoying the time that they are able to spend together now that Matt and I are further apart.

Summer and Bijou are both eating OC Raw Dog and loving it! Summer now weighs over 50 pounds and looks amazing! She is still extremely muscular but now has a bit of fat on her as well. The fat balls are perfect for her and her fast metabolism. Bijou LOVES the patties and finishes them off in one swallow. She has lost over 10 pounds and looks happy and healthy. I started giving her tripe for dinners as she dropped below 30 pounds and that seems to be the trick to keeping her between 30-35 pounds. Perfect.

We have been feeding brewers yeast pills since Jan/Feb and their coats looks amazing. We also haven't found any fleas on them! Much better than last summer. We are still really careful as it doesn't really offer tick prevention but we have only found ticks when we go hiking. The girls are in great health and are probably two of the most spoiled dogs on the planet :)

Enough typing, here's some pictures from our adventures!

At Grandma and Grandpa's House, our current home.

Big Baby

Visiting Bijou's cousin Charlie, who will be coming to stay with us soon!

Are you awake Mommy?

Car rides
We got a new toy from Petsmart!

Can I sit in your lap?



Daddy and Summer hiking

Supporting Daddy at the Firebreather Challenge! Hottest day of the year but the girls stayed cool with wet bandanas and playing in the creek!

Exhausted after running around on 4th of July
Bigger Baby

We have had such a wonderful summer so far and hope our friends are also enjoying theirs!! Much love from Bijou and Summer :)