Thursday, March 29, 2012

Raw food Update

So Matt and I have slowly changed the girl's diets in the past few months and finally seemed to have settled on a grain free raw diet with fruits and veggies. Saturday we went shopping for their food and made two weeks worth of meals. We chopped green beans, snap peas, celery, carrots, potatos, and apples and mixed them between morning and evening meals into small baggies. To that we add raw chicken, eggs, fish oils and/or salmon, brewers yeast with garlic (as flea and tick control), alfalfa sprouts, and kelp. We also have banana to use as treats or added to their breakfast. Summer is currently getting ham for breakfast and raw chicken wings at night to help her gain some weight. She keeps growing and we can't seem to get weight on her! We hope she's stopped growing taller and will now start to fill out.

We were inspired by the Honest Kitchens amazing dog food products as well as Sojos; both of which are all-natural, raw, dehydrated meals. However we could not afford to feed these products to our dogs so we decided to make our own. And yes, it's actually cheaper to feed raw. Well, it does depend on what meat you feed. We currently feed chicken but will start adding variety in the next few months.

Ice cubes are delicious but not nutritious. 

It's been going really well so far, but we still can't seem to get weight on Summer. Suggestions???

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bobbing for Ice Cubes

The girls and I went for a good long walk today. About 3 miles up and down hills. I've been slowly increasing the distance to help build up muscle for my knees. These hills really do a number on my knees and after blowing out my knee over a year ago I've had to be extra careful. But today I was ready for the longer distance and the girls behaved themselves so well. They have become comfortable walking side by side on the coupler so today we tried walking right next me on my right side. They did great! It really helps when we all fall into the same rhythm.

After our walk I gave the girls ice cubes in their water and I had a blast watching them bob for them! Summer was a bit confused at first but quickly figured it out. If you turn up your volume you can hear them blowing bubbles :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


School has honestly not been keeping me away from the's job hunting! So time consuming. Expect fewer posts and more pictures. Hopefully. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Sunggles over Spring Break

Last week I stayed with my parents for a few days during spring break. My younger sister was also on her spring break and my older sister was in town for her baby shower. My entire family was at home! Weird. I brought the girls with me since my younger sister LOVES Summer. Let me give you some background on my little sister so you can understand how monumental this is.

We acquired a small white cat when I was in middle school. This cat was named Mr. Fluffy. He was the devil. My younger sister quickly became afraid of cats. Mr. Fluffy could sense her fear and would enjoy hiding under furniture and jumping out to attack her when she least expected it. Actually we all were targets of his attacks. However my little sister was the one left with the an intense dislike for cats and wariness of other creatures.

In my sophmore year I brought home a cat I rescued from the local shelter. My little sister yelled at me and would not let the cat near her. It took some coaxing but she began to slowly trust my cat, Nebula, and soon fell in love with her. Nebbies (one of her many nicknames) forever changed her opinion. She was a cool kitty.

So when we first brought Summer to my parents house my sister was much more open to animals, especially since Summer was only a few months old and the most adorable puppy.

Easter 2011 - Who wouldn't love this precious face?

The day my sister (right) met baby Summer.
My younger sister got to spend a few more weekends with Summer and then a week over Christmas break. She was so excited to get to snuggle with her this past week. Summer knows that my younger sister is the one to go to for snuggles. However Summer spent quite a bit of time laying at my older sister's feet. I swear she knew that my sister was pregnant.

Summer cuddling with her sister and her favorite aunt over spring break.

Even though my family was never against pit bulls they still were wary of them from what they had seen on the news. I'm so glad my family knows what a wonderful breed this is. My little sister commented on her tumblr,

I have a snoring pit bull sleeping on me who is trying to cuddle me to death. Obviously this breed is very dangerous.

And someone replied with - They also like to give people heart attacks with their cuteness, watch out! Hehe.

So what are some cute things you have heard people say about their pit bulls?

Friday, March 9, 2012

Daily Walk

Sorry for the delay in posting...I am on Spring Break and I have done nothing but relax. I've been trying to avoid my laptop as much as possible. However I thought I would share some pictures from our regular walk.

As told by Bijou and Summer...

 In our harnesses ready to go!

 Lets go!

 Leaving the apartment

 Sometimes we walk really close

 Sometimes we walk far apart,

 And sometimes Summer drags us along.

 We had to drag mom up this hill.

Beautiful day!
 mmm good smells

 Made it to the top!

So tired.

So our walk starts with a steep hill to get out of the complex and then back down the steep hill to get to the main road. I love living in this area because the roads are lined with sidewalks and the girls and I can usually walk about 2-3 miles. It's extremely hilly too which makes for a good butt workout! Haha.