Monday, February 13, 2012

What breed of dog is best for me?

What breed of dog is best for me? This was the title of a yahoo article that actually bothered me when I started reading it. I understand there are certain characteristics of breeds that may fit your lifestyle but when it comes down to it, personality-not breed-is what matters.

Okay, I'm guilty of stereotyping dogs by breed. I have this thing against Huskys (would that be Huskies? Not sure how to spell that). Not only did I almost lose a finger when one tried to bite me, my little dog Bijou was also attacked by one at the dog park (Bijou is very dominant and this dog had her cowering). I have met some nice Huskys but I am always wary of them.

Despite this I always try to think about the individual dog its self and not the breed. Just like people you can't judge someone by the way they look. Yes, certain breeds have particular traits. But I have met some dogs that act nothing like their breed says they should.

So when you're looking for a dog don't think 'what breed is best for me'. Look for the dog's personality that is going to complement you and/or your family's personality and lifestyle.

When I went looking for a dog I contacted a rescue after seeing a gorgeous Irish Wolfhound on their Facebook page. I really wanted a larger dog (I LOVE great danes!) that would be a good couch potato. Once I started talking to the rescue we realized that the Wolfhound would not live well in an apartment. So in my next e-mail I sent them a short bio about myself and what kind of dog I would like to find. They replied with about 6 different dogs that would do well with apartment living, wouldn't mind being left for long hours, and liked to go for walks. I was skeptical of Bijou being that she was only 30 pounds and I still wasn't convinced when I adopted her! But the rescue was extremely encouraging and told me that Bijou would really warm up to me in a few days. And of course, they were correct.

 Bijou and I on adoption day. January 24, 2010.

Although Bijou was very different than what I originally went looking for she was exactly what I needed. She is an amazing little dog that finds her way into your heart :)

Some photos of our 'firsts'...

First full day home and she had already claimed my pillow!

On the way home from our first visit to the dog park. Who wouldn't love that smile?

First snow! Bijou was not impressed.

First adorable snuggle!

First day of sunshine! At grandma and grandpas.

First day at the barn and learning how to listen to mommy with lots of distractions.

First time meeting her cousin Charlie. 

First time meeting her baby sister.

Alright that's enough firsts! I would love to hear everyone's stories of succesful adoptions/rescues. Share in the comments below or link to a post where you have shared the story on your own blog. I just love happy 'tails'!


  1. So Cute! Both of our dogs are rescues. We got Tess when she was 6 months from the animal shelter. When I met her, I was actually trying to get her kennel-mate out. It was a beautiful irish setter mix puppy. But Tess shoved her way out of the gate first and practically put the leash on herself. It was love at first sight after that!! She wasn't anything like what I was looking for but she fits our life great. Schultz was on petfinder and I showed his picture to my hubby and we went to meet him and knew we had to have him also.

    1. Aw I love that Tess picked you! Are you a two dog family or would you get another?

    2. I definitely want another once we get out of an apartment, but it'll have to pass with the hubby first :)

  2. I couldn't agree more! Great post. I don't even know the breeds of my dogs! I know I have certain breeds I have a special affection for, but my favorites are always the mutts.

    The story of my foster--by now probably foster failure--Fozzie, is a success story. It's part of the reason I can't bear to get rid of him!

    1. That is such a sweet story! I absolutely love this "there are always a lot of suspiciously broad-chested and short-haired "labs" at PG County shelter". Haha! I have seen so many rescues label pit looking dogs as a lab!

      Fozzie sounds amazing! And sometimes foster failures are the best kind :)

  3. We enjoyed your post. Betsy is our real true rescue. She was dumped beside the road and left to survive on her own when she was 4 to 5 months old. We think she has a lot of pit traits. I tried to get her into a rescue but everyone was filled to capacity so we ended up keeping her. When a dog has been left on its own to survive there are several issues to work through. One issue was that she was wild and did not like human touch. We were able to work through that and now she wants you to touch her. All of us have fallen madly in love with her. We are planning to have her DNA tested soon.

    Bijou is cute!