Monday, March 12, 2012

Sunggles over Spring Break

Last week I stayed with my parents for a few days during spring break. My younger sister was also on her spring break and my older sister was in town for her baby shower. My entire family was at home! Weird. I brought the girls with me since my younger sister LOVES Summer. Let me give you some background on my little sister so you can understand how monumental this is.

We acquired a small white cat when I was in middle school. This cat was named Mr. Fluffy. He was the devil. My younger sister quickly became afraid of cats. Mr. Fluffy could sense her fear and would enjoy hiding under furniture and jumping out to attack her when she least expected it. Actually we all were targets of his attacks. However my little sister was the one left with the an intense dislike for cats and wariness of other creatures.

In my sophmore year I brought home a cat I rescued from the local shelter. My little sister yelled at me and would not let the cat near her. It took some coaxing but she began to slowly trust my cat, Nebula, and soon fell in love with her. Nebbies (one of her many nicknames) forever changed her opinion. She was a cool kitty.

So when we first brought Summer to my parents house my sister was much more open to animals, especially since Summer was only a few months old and the most adorable puppy.

Easter 2011 - Who wouldn't love this precious face?

The day my sister (right) met baby Summer.
My younger sister got to spend a few more weekends with Summer and then a week over Christmas break. She was so excited to get to snuggle with her this past week. Summer knows that my younger sister is the one to go to for snuggles. However Summer spent quite a bit of time laying at my older sister's feet. I swear she knew that my sister was pregnant.

Summer cuddling with her sister and her favorite aunt over spring break.

Even though my family was never against pit bulls they still were wary of them from what they had seen on the news. I'm so glad my family knows what a wonderful breed this is. My little sister commented on her tumblr,

I have a snoring pit bull sleeping on me who is trying to cuddle me to death. Obviously this breed is very dangerous.

And someone replied with - They also like to give people heart attacks with their cuteness, watch out! Hehe.

So what are some cute things you have heard people say about their pit bulls?


  1. This is dangerous stuff, these heart attacks from cuteness and cuddles of death. I'd better watch what dogs I pat!
    I've heard of a pit bull mix who was best friends with a macaw, that's cute :)

  2. Kissed to death by a pitbull!

    Nina, Myshka, Sasha, Betsy, Lucy, Phoebe and Lily

  3. My mom was really uneasy that I had adopted a pit bull. She was even more uneasy when I explained to her that he is terrified of everyone but my husband and I. So when I brought Schultz to meet them, she was not thrilled. He cowered from everyone and everything, except my mom. He charged her, jumped in her lap, and proceeded to lick her face to death. She went from being fearful of pitbulls, to being an advocate of her "grandpup" and his fellow pitties. I guess he just knew who to really turn on the charm for :)

  4. My family has been supportive, but from a distance since they live in MN and most haven't even met them. My sister told me when she comes to visit with her husband he couldn't meet our dogs because of his dislike of the breed. It totally crushed me and I don't even know if she understood HOW much it hurt me. It is wonderful when your family can see your dogs for what they are-- FAMILY. Summer was an adorable puppy and of course grew up gorgeous!

    1. Sorry to hear about your brother-in-law not wanting to meet your dogs. Hopefully things will change but if they don't please know that your dogs are wonderful no matter what people think of them.

      Stay strong =)

  5. My mom puts Lily in her Christmas update letter every year. :-) She watches my nephew every day after school. When one of the ladies dropped him off and Lily was there, she stopped short in the doorway and gasped, "That's a pit bull!" Dillon (5 years old), put his around my dog and said, "No, that's just Lily." He always like to introduce her when we're out walking too. "And this..." grand gesture toward her " Lily!" It's just so cute.

  6. My parents and I rescued a young Pit Bull last year in July named Chloe. She's a joy to be around and she ADORES our to male Min Pins. She finds my aunts two Tonkinese cats interesting and will sit still as they walk over to investigate her. I'm thinking about getting a Cane Corso puppy next year(a Working Stock male I can compete in Schutzhund with)and I think Chloe and the new pup will get on fine