Wednesday, January 18, 2012

babies :)

I LOVE dogs. Probably as much as I love to bake. Maybe even more. I think I love dogs more than horses. OMG. For anyone who knows me this is a shocking statement :)

My love for dogs has led me to start a separate blog. There are a lot of issues I'm passionate about when it comes to these amazing pets. I may offend some people but please know that is never my intention. I just feel very strongly against breeders and pet store puppies. There are WAY too many dogs (especially purebred) in the shelters and being euthanized.

BUT I'll save that post for later. Right now I want to talk about my Girls. I honestly believe that if you treat your animals like family they will have more personality. I feel like I have children half the time. Yesterday when I got home from work the girls would not leave me alone. Bijou kept poking me with her nose and Summer sat in view of the door. They may not talk to me in English but in their language that plainly said "Mom we want to go for a walk. We don't care if it's raining today." Which is extremely surprising because these girls are complete princess' and don't like to go out if it's wet. Especially Bijou.

Sometimes they do try to speak English which always has me giggling. Bijou can say "I Love You", and Summer has started saying "I have to PEEEEE!". No lie, just ask my sister :)

My favorite thing about these two is how they act just like sisters. Yesterday they had a HUGE fight. Summer poked Bijou and boy did Bijou get mad. I had to break it up because Bijou would not leave it alone. I took Summer on the couch, told her not to entice her sister, and then had Bijou come up next to Summer. She apologized by kissing her and everything was good :)

Going to the Dog Park is Matt and I's favorite activity with the girls (oh is that me and Matt??). It's just like taking your kids to the playground. But PLEASE do not bring young children into the dog park especially on the large dog side (the sign outside ours says no kids under 8. of course people ignore it). You make every single Pet Parent nervous. Just like if we brought our dog to run around a playground. No beuno.

And that I shall save for another post.

I love my girls and they are my children. I cook their food, take them to the park, and if I had the money I would definitely take them to daycare :)

Okay so I sound a bit crazy....but if you have one of your own then you understand, right?

 Our Girls Playing

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